When you call 1-505-242-6176 (MST) for an appointment you will need the following:

1.  Your questioned document(s) are dated.

2.  You want your known documents to come as close to the date(s) of the original as possible.

3.  I prefer the original of both questioned and known documents.

4.  If you don’t have the original documents, I will use copies.

5.  If you know who has the original documentation, I can write an affidavit and work with your lawyer to obtain it.

I do not do pro se.  If you don’t have lawyer, I can recommend one.

I provide Forensic Handwriting Examination and Handwriting Identification Services for attorneys, insurance companies, corporations, organizations, and victims of altered documents.
All pages of Anonymous Writing or Forged Documents must be submitted in their entirety including signatures.