I am a Court Qualified and Certified Questioned Document Examiner.  In 1994, I was certified as a Questioned Document Examiner by The American Bureau of Document Examiners.  Recognized and listed vendor #92728 by the State of New Mexico for assistance with examination of all pertinent documents for forgeries, my expert opinion, and my appearance in court.  This includes district attorneys, law enforcement agencies, and all state entities recognized by the state of New Mexico.  I have completed over 110 cases to date.  Cases I have worked included forgeries, threatening notes, quit claim deeds, wills, trusts, forged checks and contracts.  I have appeared and been qualified in Florida, Texas, and New Mexico as an expert.

I only accept cases in New Mexico. 

For cases outside of New Mexico, please contact Terry Deck Shinabarger
at the Forensic Handwriting Analysis Center.
(click on the contact tab on the menu bar for more information).

 Your questioned document(s) are dated:

1. You want your known documents to come as close to the date of the Questioned Documents as possible.
2.   I prefer the original of both questioned and known documents.
3.   If you don’t have the original documents, I will use copies.
4.   If you know who has the originals, I can produce an affidavit to obtain them. 
Contact and send all of the documents to me along with the payment upon which we have agreed for services .  This guarantees a lack of perceived prejudice on my part.
I conduct examination(s) of documents that may or may not be altered and send an oral and written affidavit.
It is important for a client to realize that only a lawyer or the judge can require me to appear in court.  I don’t accept Pro Se.
Upon notification of the requirement for my appearance in court, an immediate non-refundable payment is due prior to each court appearance.  This non-refundable payment is required whether or not I appear in court.